September is PCOS Awareness Month!

Hey gorgeous ladies! In case you weren’t already aware, September is PCOS Awareness Month! I love that there is actually an ENTIRE month dedicated to supporting PCOS and bringing awareness to it. PCOS Awareness has come SO SO far in the past few years, but we still have quite a journey ahead of us. It still amazes me how many people haven’t heard of it when ONE IN TEN women of child-bearing age in the USA has PCOS. CRAZY!!

To do my part to spread awareness, and as a reminder to all of us as September draws to a close, I’ve created a few images that you can share on social media to support September and PCOS awareness. PLEASE feel free to use them as much as possible….they are for you! 🙂

I’ve had a little time to reflect as this month comes to a close and I wanted to share one message with you. We are a COMMUNITY of women dealing with this condition. You are not alone in what you are going through and that is why it’s so important to spread awareness and be reminded of that message. This community and cysterhood is designed so that every month can be PCOS awareness month! So let’s be there and support each other and go out and spread some #PCOSAWARENESS! 

As promised, feel free to share these images on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc:

Happy PCOS Awareness month, lovelies! 

xx, Morgan

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