About Me

About Me and Why PCOS Project?

Living  with PCOS  is frustrating and can lead to downright hopelessness. How do I know this? Diagnosed with PCOS at 15, I have spent the last 9 years searching for a way to live a happy and healthy life and be the best version of myself I can be. It has been a difficult and often lonely road. Doctors and even loved ones don’t understand that no matter how disciplined or positive one tries to be to face the challenges of this condition, very little produces results.

Nearly ONE in TEN women suffer from this disease. As we all know from experience, PCOS affects our minds as much as it affects our bodies. How frustrating is it to try to be the healthiest version of yourself and see absolutely no progress?! There are no words I could write that would do the feeling justice. What I can do is provide you with every resource available so that our fellow women don’t have to suffer the way that you did, the way that I did, or that way that your friend or loved one did. There is hope!!! Let me repeat that, there is hope!

Now in my mid-twenties and armed with a degree in Human Biology and experience managing a product line at a medical device company that specifically treats women with cysts and fibroids, I’ve started PCOS Project as a way to share my PCOS experience and knowledge with others. It is my hope that anyone that finds this site will find information or inspiration that makes living with PCOS more manageable.